About PRG

Established in 2020 *(June)
Registered with the Canadian Gerbil Breeders Club
Registered with the American Gerbil Society

Who we are

Hi there, welcome to Polarose Gerbils, or PRG Gerbils. 
I registered PRG with the American Gerbil Society in 2020. I was supposed to be babysitting a tank of gerbils for a friend but things snowballed very quickly.

As someone who has always feared getting nipped, I wasn't really sure what owning gerbils would be like. I threw myself into as much information I could find on the internet and in old library books. I was shocked with the amount of information, or lack thereof. The information that was given was wildly inaccurate: suggesting gerbils be housed in boxes! I learned as I went, and searched through many old forums to dig up what I could. There were a couple of facebook groups that went back years that I spent hours skimming for information. 

After choosing my new mentor, Natalie of RWG, I allowed her to pick my first breeding pair for me. Natalie and I have come a long ways in our lines and have outcrossed Singapore lines with Canadian and American lines. We have focused mostly on temperament but are also working on our own color projects. I personally breed for bright and bold colors, but have since fallen in love with Pied gerbils. 

I love educating kids and adults alike about these amazing animals that RARELY bite and are 10000000X better than hamsters. My gerbils are all have raised, and you are more than welcome to view my code of ethics for more information.


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