Please note our pricing is non-negotiable. Pet stores actually charge MORE (*$5, $8, and $2) than us for total unknown lines with no information whatsoever. So why choose us? Please click the next tab.

We promise healthy happy gerbil pups that will bring you a few years of joy and entertainment. Gerbils aren't the longest living pets (3-5 years), but they are extremely trusting, smart, and courageous. We promise a gerbil that has been raised around people and dogs as well as other siblings and their parents. We always raise our gerbils in our bedroom with lots of love and constant attention. They have been handled since birth and will remain energetic and cuddly with proper care.

- Gerbil Care basic package link / printout ($5 additional for print)
- Gerbil Health Certificate for each individual animal
- Gerbil Pedigree for each individual animal
- Comprehensive Gerbil Health Promise printout
- Small packet of home bedding for comfort for the first nights
- Small packet of food (additional bag can be purchased with early notice)
- 1-2 home toys

It's a clich√© for a reason. Cheaper is rarely the better choice and this sings true for gerbils as well. Our pricing reflects what's include with your gerbil, but also the time and effort that we as a registered breeder put into our babies before they leave our home. All gerbils come with a Health Promise which we stand by. We have proven and traceable lines that come from top gerbils all around North America and Singapore. 

Gerbil Pairs (normal colors)

SAME SEX gerbils pairs, both gerbils may be siblings or from similar age groups. This includes the price of TWO gerbils or $30 each.


Gerbil Trios (normal colors)

SAME SEX gerbil trios. All three gerbils may be siblings or form similar age groups. May not always be available. 

*If parent gerbil is included, trios are $60 for a nice retirement home


Unproven Pairs

ONLY available after completing our Become a Breeder process. Pricing includes a split tank with divider and beginner breeder guide packet.


Gerbil Pairs (rare colors)

Coming soon


Gerbil Singles 

We do not sell single gerbils unless for extremely special circumstances. Please contact us for info.


Polarose Gerbils is American Gerbil Society Registered since 2021 (June). 

Located in the Alberta Foothills

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