How should you become a breeder?



You need do first do a LOT of reading. I starting researching gerbils in february and didn't feel ready enough to begin breeding until November of that year. Ignore most top google results, instead check out the American Gerbil Society and read the breeder websites. Check out our links and more info on facebook

Make your goals

What are your gerbil goals? Do you want to breed for color? Conformation? Just for fun? If you answered color or just for fun then gerbil breeding may not be for you. Instead you should focus on bettering the gerbil as a whole by creating more healthy and handleable pets with good structure and health.

Contact me

Get in touch! We want to learn more about you and speak with you about long term goals. If you are a teacher looking for class pets, a student looking for a fun project, or a breeder looking to start showing, we can work with everyone to decide what is best for you.

Polarose Gerbils is American Gerbil Society Registered since 2021 (June). 

Located in the Alberta Foothills

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