PRG Spawn Chunk - Agouti Pied

Steve is my first piebald baby along with his topaz brother. I decided to keep him for his epic personality. Steve makes me laugh every day, he's a great big brother and a beautiful young lad out of Parker X Eloise


PRG Pick a Penny - Argente Golden

Parker is my bold boy. I bought him as a young lad and paired him with Prince to grow up a bit before breeding him. Parker is outgoing and happy, he is a larger boy.

Hets: A- C c (h) DD E- pp UwUw UNPROVEN

PRG Purple Rain - Lilac

Prince is full brother to Parker, he's much more jumpy but warms up to people quickly. His bold coloring stood out as one of my favourites in gerbils, the Lilac. Prince is looking forwards to being a first time dad.

Hets: aa CC D- E- pp UwUw UNPROVEN

RWG Smoking Gun - Burmese with hets

Benson was one of the first bucks I purchased with the intent of breeding for structure. Benny is a shy boy, incredibly jumpy but like Prince he chills out quickly. He is a very submissive gerbil, and takes good care of his babies. He delighted me with his first litter by showing off some awesome color recessives of pink eye and e extension.

Hets: aa c (chm) c (chm) DD Ee Pp UwUw

PRG New Kid in Town - Saffron

I was shocked and delighted to see Buckie's first few golden hairs. We were fully expecting him to be a siamese, so a saffron was a huge surprise! Buckie is from my first home litter out of Victoria X Benson and he is super sweet

Hets: aa C c(chm) DD ee pp UwUw

PRG Beginners Luck - Nutmeg

Alfalfa bio coming soon

Hets: aa C c (chm) DD ee Pp UwUw

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