The Gerbil Health Promise

We, Polarose Gerbils, hereby referred to as the BREEDER promise to provide you, hereby referred to as the BUYER the healthiest possible animals. 

The BREEDER promises these animal(s) are in good health and have no obvious signs of illness or parasites. The BREEDER has not taken these animals to a DVM, however this is available at the FULL EXPENSE of the BUYER upon request and deposit. We use Dewinton Vet as our exotic veterinarian.

The BREEDER has done everything in her power to assure these animal(s) have been raised on the highest quality food, and recommends this food for that reason. Failure to feed BREEDER's current recommended brand of "Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix for Hamsters and Gerbils" OR perviously approved home mix will void any and all warranties on all gerbils.

The BREEDER will guarantee the health of these gerbils from all sicknesses for 30 days after the purchase date of the animal(s). Should the unfortunate and unlikely event of death by illness or congenital defect occur, BUYER must return the deceased animal to the BREEDER within THREE (3) days of death. BUYER will be compensated with an animal of equal quality as soon as it is available. NO cash refunds will be given.

BUYER is responsible for the health and safety of these animals. Gerbils are crafty, curious, and smart. They are excellent escape artists and can easily chew through bin cages. BREEDER will not be responsible for accidental death or sickness due to living conditions.

BUYER is responsible to keep the animals away from other pets or children who do not have supervision. BREEDER will not offer a replacement animal in case of death by other household animals, children, or others. Many dogs seem ok with small animals at first, but gerbils are easily trampled or chased. 

BREEDER will cover any medication costs incurred if the animal suffers from an external infection within SEVEN (7) days of the gerbil(s) leaving the BREEDER's home. BUYER must provide Veterinary Note and Invoice for BREEDER to provide reimbursement. Should the animal die, BUYER must provide the deceased animal back to the BREEDER for a full refund of medication costs and a replacement animal.

No deceased animal / Veterinary invoice - No medication cost refund or replacement animal.


Polarose Gerbils is American Gerbil Society Registered since 2021 (June). 

Located in the Alberta Foothills

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